Manage Shareholder Communications

A single platform to share documents and engage current and prospective investors.


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Shareholder Documents

Provide shareholders with one secure location for important company documents and updates.


Track Engagement

Analytics provide insight into shareholder behaviour. See when shareholders interact with and view your content to gauge interest.


News Releases

Create custom news releases to keep shareholders engaged and up to date on company news.

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Fully Customizable

Customize your portal colours, logos, images to match your brand identity.


Team Collaboration

Improve collaboration by providing associates and legal team access to upload shareholder documents.

Engage Shareholders

Increase volume of warm leads on future raises by keeping prospective investors engaged.

Single platform for engagement, collaboration and analytics





Share documents with relevant parties







Track shareholder and prospect engagement




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Launch new deals and raise more by engaging shareholders between raises

Issuers have a list of warm leads at their fingertips. Kick-off new raises by inviting engaged shareholders to invest.


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